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Birthdate:Jun 11, 1979
Location:Gothenburg, Sweden
About me: pagan, parent, bi; mated to the two most wonderful persons ever. Yes. I'm poly, or rather - I have a Trine. Army-brat, artist, medieval troubadour. Swedish. World-citizen.

*_________________ What was posted on LJ before it went apeshit ________________*

You are a Judge!

(Dominant Introverted Concrete Thinker)

You are a JUDGE (DICT). Your affinity for facts and analytical approach to life help you solve complex problems and make tough decisions that others cannot. But don’t think that you don’t act irrationally a lot of the time. You jump into arguments and hold grudges like crazy. You could probably use some love.

While some may see you as a bit overbearing and arrogant, your friends know that you are a trustworthy person with depth and a strong sense of righteousness. Although you are introverted and somewhat reserved, you have a forceful personality that your friends appreciate and your enemies fear. God help them. God help all of us.

Compared to 14,687,995 other test takers...

97% are more Submissive than you.
2% are just as Dominant as you
1% are more Dominant than you.

8% are more Introverted than you.
82% are more Extroverted than you.
10% are just as Introverted as you.

55% are more Abstract than you.
20% are just as Concrete as you.
25% are more Concrete than you.

1% are more Thinking than you.
98% are more Feeling than you.
1% are just as Thinking as you.

God help all of us...

You are officially 23% in Love! That’s more in love than the worldwide average of 20% in love! Compared to others...

47% lustier than you — 3% equal to you — 50% more in love than you

Is it a bird? A plane? Is it a boy? A girl? Is it love, or is it lust? Ah, you. You are that rare mix of sensitive and sensual, romantic and randy, pride and prejudice, etc. When you see your crush, you waffle like a Belgian, unsure of whether you’d rather paint their toes or suck on their toes. Poets have long been puzzled by your kind. You’ll never fall for robots or nymphos, but you will suffer longs bouts of marriage.
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